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Announcement 关于启动2020WORLD MADAM世界夫人全球系列活动公告
One step for Madam, One step for the world.夫人一小步,世界一年夜步。

  2020, the COVID-19 in the World has made us cherishing life more, and we have seen the beauty of human nature already. World Madam hopes to bring more outstanding married women together, by passing the spirit of love, make contributions not only for families to share harmonious and happiness, but also for world peace and development.
  2020年伊始,世界因新冠疫情的发作让咱们愈加涌动起对生命的珍视,对兽性美妙的召唤。World Madam基金会心愿凝集寰球杰出已婚女性,经过爱的通报,来为促成寰球家庭同享谐和幸福,进而保护世界战争与倒退贡献”她“力气。

  Sponsor by WMF (World Madam Foundation), co-sponsor by UNGLF(United Nations Global Leaders Association), IPA (International Pageant Association), World Women Federation Association and WMG(World Madam Group), a press conference will be jointly hold in US, Canada and China in August , 2020. International celebrities, members from above sponsors will be specially invited, and all friends are welcome to join us.
  由World Madam Foundation(世界夫人基金会)、United Nations Global Leaders Association(联结国首领总同盟)、International Pageant Association(国内选美总会)、World Women Federation Association(世界主妇联结会)、World Madam Group Co.,Limited(世界夫人团体无限公司)联结发动的World Madam世界夫人寰球系列文明流动行将启幕。相干旧事公布会将正在2020年8月由加拿年夜、美国、中国联结同步启动。届时将约请国内名流、政要,发动单元、主理单元、承办单元的次要代表及新老冤家们缺席或参加。

  The World Madam, a brand new, specification, globally competition will be activated at that time. The world will be beautiful by women and it more like a world because of women. We are having more and more world women and friends to join us now, and we will all work together in patriotism, home love, environment care and charity.
  Wonderful, and coming soon.
  簇新、标准、寰球的World Madam世界夫人年夜赛也行将扬帆起航。世界因女性而愈加美妙,人类因女性而成其为世界。咱们将招集更多杰出的世界夫人以及冤家们以及咱们一同正在爱国、爱家、敬服环境、公益慈悲的路线上比肩偕行。

World Madam Foundation 世界夫人基金会
  United Nations Global Leaders Association 联结国寰球首领同盟
  IPA (International Pageant Association) 国内选美协会
  World Women Federation Association世界主妇联结会
  World Madam Group Co.,Limited 世界夫人团体

The lawyer's statement状师申明
  World Madam Foundation, World Madam Group Co., Limited, or Anni Huang shall not be liable for any activities, which are not initiated by World Madam Foundation and hosted by World Madam Group Co., Limited, or without the consent of Anni Huang..
  凡非由World Madam Foundation世界夫人基金会发动、World Madam Group Co.,Limitef世界夫人团体无限公司主理或未经Anni Huang书面赞同的世界夫人赛事等流动均与World Madam Foundation世界夫人基金会、World Madam Group Co.,Limitef世界夫人团体无限公司、Anni Huang黄安妮有关。kaiyun官方下载App下载


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