IEEE PELS Students and Young Professionals Symposium 2023


Shanghai, China

Call for Tutorials

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Proposal Submission Due: Jun. 10, 2023

Notifications of Acceptance: Jun. 30, 2023

Final Material Submission Due: Jul. 30, 2023

Several high-quality tutorials will be offered in the afternoon of Aug. 27, 2023. Prospective lecturers are invited to send a proposal before Jun. 10, 2023 via the conference website. The proposal should be including:

• Tutorial title

• Presenter short bio

• Tutorial description (no more than 1000 words)

The notifications of acceptance will be sent before Jun. 30, 2023 and the accepted final material should be submitted before Jul. 30, 2023.

Confirmed  Tutorials

Tutorial 1:  Design and Optimization ofHigh-Power High-frequencyTransformers for SolidStateTransformers (Learn More).

Tutorial 2: Modeling and Reduction ofcommon-Mode Noise in PowerConverters (Learn More).

Tutorial 3: Topologies and control ofmultilevel converters (Learn More).

Tutorial 4: Recent Advances onModular Multilevel Converters (Learn More).

Tutorial 5: Power Converters for ResilientBipolar Dc Distribution Grids (Learn More).

Tutorial 6: Advanced Modulation andDynamic Control of DualActiveBridge Based Intelligent DCSubstation in Flexible ElectricalNetworks (Learn More).

Tutorial 7: Gallium nitride power transistor reliability and deployment in power electronic systems (Learn More).

Tutorial 8: Advances in SiC Poweronversion Technologies forHigh-Frequency and HighPower Resonant DC-DC Converter Applications (Learn More).

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